Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gem Tower

I walked for a few hours today around midtown and lower Manhattan. I wanted to see how Hurricane Sandy had affected the city landscape. Overall, little damage was observable from the sidewalks. I'm sure inside the buildings first floors and basements it was a different story. New Yorkers are an industrious bunch; working hard seems built into the DNA of the people who settle down here.
I always enjoy looking at the beautifully designed buildings around Broadway and Fifth Avenue, many of which are a hundred or more years old. I was walking on 46th Street when I stopped and looked up at a fluffy white cloud and blue sky reflecting off an all-glass sky scrapper. It wasn't finished, but enough had been built to see that it was a great modern design. It reminded me of the buildings close to the river in downtown Chicago. This building is appropriately named the Gem Tower, located at 55 W. 46th Street. Why don't they design more buildings like this?