Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pete and Emily

Peter Land is one of the best people I know... and if he wasn't a Red Sox fan he would probably the best.

Pete's family and my family used to meet every summer in Nantucket just after the school year ended. Although it was only a week together, it was the most fun I had each year. We played wiffle ball, rode bikes to Downyflake, flew model rockets and kites, sang songs in the backseat about Madaket Beach, waited for the "mother of all waves," and plotted against our parents. These were some of my best childhood memories.

There have been countless other great memories we've had, from going to the Final Four to the America East title game to the Land Grant to RBI Baseball. Everything somehow becomes memorable hanging out with Pete. Unfortunately, he is accident prone and has been on the receiving end of my shenanigans many times. In fact, I thought I was going to injure Pete when he leapfrogged me on the dance floor at his wedding. With that aside, it was a fun outdoor ceremony and the entire weekend reflected the type of people Pete and Emily are. They are the type of people that this world needs more of and I am honored to be friends with them.