Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charleston, S.C.

It was great to escape the brutal cold and visit my family in Charleston, S.C. this past weekend. My cousin Dan is finishing his final year of dental school, so I stayed with him along with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Mike. We had fun recording songs Aunt Joan wrote, one of which was titled, "Minkasaurus" about Dan's dog dressed in a dinosaur costume.

We strolled around the city, admiring its Pre-Civil War homes near the Ashley River. The giant oak trees and pastel-colored homes give it a distinct artistic look.

On Friday we went to the beach. The ocean wasn't too far away, especially on such a pleasant day for a ride. On Saturday we celebrated my Dad's birthday with some carrot cake and putting contests.

Returning to the South gave me flashbacks to my college years at UNC. It is hard to believe I graduated almost five years ago. It is even harder to comprehend that Aunt Joan has spent these same years dealing with cancer.


Dave said...

Hey Brett!
Nice Blog. Keep keepin' it real in Chi-town. Hope to see you in Boston soon!

-Dave G

Brett Garamella said...

Hey Dave, man, it's been a while... Thanks for checking me out. I'll give you a call this weekend.


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