Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jolie, Javon, and Jaime

Discovering the world from a new and fresh perspective is one reason I enjoy traveling. In particular, I like discovering these new encounters through my camera lens. This past week I visited my family and friends in my hometown of Danbury, Conn. I guess it was only natural that I began taking photos since life outside Chicago now seems, in a way, foreign to me. Below are three portraits I took on my trip: Jolie, Javon, and Jaime. (I know it's weird, but everyone in my family has a first name that begins with "J" except me.)

Jolie, a yellow labrador, is returning a tennis ball in my mom's front yard. As you can see, retrieving a ball in the snow is just about her favorite thing to do. She will play with you all day if want.

Javon, age 7, is my godson and my close friend's son. We took him to the batting cages to hit some balls. Baseball is his favorite sport and José Reyes is his favorite player.

I visited Jaime, my brother, at his apartment in Brooklyn. He showed me around his neighborhood, which included a good photo-op in front of a ridiculously festive home owned by Susan Gardner, an artist. Gardner decorated the front facade of her home in tile, jewelry, beads, action figures, and other vibrant decorations. As you can see, she is a huge supporter of Barack Obama.


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