Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Long Reminder of the Past

Colombia has had a history of violence. But so has the United States and many other great countries around the world. Countries, like people, can change, and often do. Bogotá is now a very safe city and good place to live. This morning I was taking a walk downtown when I noticed an example of this. A row of white, plastic chairs were lined up along La Septima, the main road in which I live. It runs the length of the city. Each chair had a white, wooden cross on it. On the ground lay a white brick with the name of a different person who was murdered by the police, military, or guerrillas. The chairs were ten feet apart and extended from downtown to Calle 100, more than 75 blocks, and a long reminder of the past.

Because it is Sunday, a couple of lanes are blocked off for bicyclers and joggers. There are also roller-bladers and people walking their dogs. It is a typical Sunday morning on La Septima. I saw people stop and read the names of those who were killed. Living in Bogotá today, it seems hard to believe that all of this really happened.


Anonymous said...

Great post Brett.
These white chairs would, somehow, force the viewers to understand the Colombian people and maybe to change or to forget the reputation of violence people have conceived about them around the globe.
Lamento que su integridad is being destroyed...sometimes never to be completely repaired.

Arlington, VA

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