Monday, December 10, 2007

Al Gore Tribute

Since I began my blog in August, I’ve only made a single tribute, and that was to Norman Mailer, when he died. Today, I’m going to make a tribute to a living man, Al Gore, whom I admire now more than I did when I voted for him in the 2000 United States Presidential Election. I think that in any country the majority of people believe that Gore would have been a better president, but there is no doubt he would have done more to help the environment. Witnessing the effects of air pollution in Bogotá has reaffirmed to me the major environmental problems on our planet. His effort to inform and encourage the public to take action to change the climate earned him the Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo, Norway. It seems that Gore, like Jimmy Carter, has been more productive since leaving political life. The biggest things I admire about Gore are his heart and conviction after a devastating presidential loss. He has pursued his passion, spoken around the world, and attracted the support of average Americans as well as pop stars. While many politicians continue to equivocate, Gore continues to stick to his word and use his clout to do tremendous good for the world.


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