Friday, November 2, 2007

Esta Vida

"No South American country has a greater variety of music than Colombia, strategically placed where the Andes meet the Caribbean," says the Footprint South American Handbook. Although Bogota natives, or Rolos, enjoy salsa, merengue, and reggaeton like most of Latin America, slower, sentimental music is a fixture around the country’s capitol. However, certain songs or musicians are popular throughout the country. One of those songs is Esta Vida by Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano. These musicians specialize in vallenato music, which is popular in Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The principal instrument of this music is the accordion, which Zambrano plays while Celedon sings. One night this week I heard Esta Vida blaring from the speakers of a bar near my apartment. The song was still playing when I passed by a half hour later. It’s a happy song that personifies the spirit of many Colombians: they love their friends and family, they love to party, and they love life. I have included the music video and lyrics below so you can have a better understanding of this.

Esta Vida
Jorge Celedon & Jimmy Zambrano

Me gusta el olor que tiene la mañana
I like the scent that the morning has
Me gusta el primer traguito de café
I like the first sip of coffee
Sentir como el sol se asoma en mi ventana
To feel as the sun appears in my window
Y me llena la mirada de un hermoso amanecer.
And gives me a full view of a beautiful sunrise.

Me gusta escuchar la paz de las montañas
I like to listen to the peace of the mountains
Mirar los colores del atardecer
To look at the colors at dusk
Sentir en mis pies la arena de la playa
To feel in my feet the sand of the beach
Y lo dulce de la caña cuando beso a mi mujer.
And it's like sweetness from the cane when I kiss my woman.

Sé, se que el tiempo lleva prisa pa’ borrarme de la lista
I know, that as time passes in a hurry it erases my list
Pero yo le digo que....
But I tell it that....

Aaaaaay, que bonita es esta vida
Ooooooh, that this life is pretty
Aunque a veces duela tanto
Although at times so much grief
Y a apesar de lo pesares
And despite its weight on you
Siempre hay alguien que nos quieres
There is always someone that wants us
Siempre hay alguien que nos cuida.
There is always someone that takes care of us.
Ay ay ay aaaaaay, que bonita es esta vida
Oh oh oh ooooooh, that this life is pretty
Y aunque no sea para siempre
And although it won't last forever
Si la vivo con mi gente es bonita hasta la muerte
If I live it with my people it's pretty until death
Con aguardiente y tequila.
With aguardiente and tequila.

¡Brindemos por la vida, es linda!
Let's drink to life, it's beautiful!
¡Quiérela! ¡Quiérela!
Love it! Love it!

Me gusta escuchar la voz de una guitarra
I like to listen to the voice of a guitar
Brindar por aquel amigo que se fue
To make a toast for my friend that is gone
Sentir el abrazo de la madrugada
To embrace the early morning
Y llenarme la mirada de otro hermoso amanecer.
As it gives me a full view of another beautiful sunrise.


angelita said...

hola!!! muy buena tu pagina.. por fin la pude ver... te mando un beso y un abrazo... angela :)

Brett Garamella said...

Hola Señorita Santander! Como encontro usted mi pagina? Usted necesita todavia mandarme su correo electronico. Espero que sus examenes vayan bien... que bonita es esta vida con usted... y aguardiente y tequila... jeje... un besito y un abrazo para ti.

SLS: Dlae Carnigie said...

I came across your page by looking for these lyrics, I agree the song is very beautiful. My family is Colombian but we live in the states. I think it's awesome that you put this up. Not many people (even among hispanic people) know about the beautiful culture and music that is in Colombia.
Thank you for having posted this song.

Anonymous said...

Saludos desde Arlington, VA.
Me llamo Elena y soy salvadoreña. Me trajo hasta tu página la música de Zeledón y he terminado leyendo todas tus entradas!!
Keep doing what you are doing, that is the best way to honor life... LIVING IT TO THE FULLEST!!
In friendship,