Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside My Window

Looking out my second-story window is always interesting. The street below, La Septima, has three lanes each way and is often jammed with cars and buses as pedestrians try crossing. I have a great spot for people watching. Each Sunday two lanes are blocked off so people can walk, run, and ride their bicycles. This applies to many of the busy streets in Bogota, but only on Sundays. It is usually peaceful on Sundays since there aren’t many automobiles on the road as Colombians love to honk their horns.

This morning, however, I heard a band playing outside. I drew the curtains and saw hundreds of people in matching pink shirts marching down the street with pink balloons. Colombians often have festivals so I wasn’t exactly sure the purpose.... It was a march for breast cancer.

Late this afternoon I smelled smoke but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. About an hour later as I returned from running errands, I saw orange flames burning on the dark green mountain I look at every day outside my window. It was a forest fire. I saw about a half dozen small flames as the smoke filled the evening sky. No one seemed too alarmed.